Das Krümmerprojekt

  • Hattest du aber wirklich deswegen den Ölwannendeckel abgebaut?

    Naja, ich hab ja eigentlich nur die ganzen Beschreibungen und Erfahrungen der Krümmer-Urväter zusammen gefasst, auf Papier gebracht und um eigene Bilder ergänzt.... alle Urväter hatten sie wohl ab...

    Nur noch einbauen.

    Sehr schön :thumbsup: viel Erfolg/Spaß beim Umbau

    Normal hab ich schon versucht.... war langweilig... total verrückt macht mehr Spaß :smoker:

  • Hello everybody!

    First of all, sorry for the language (English) in advance.

    I am from Greece and I don't speak German at all.
    The last couple of days, looking for performance upgrade to my KLE 500 year 2004 I stumbled upon your forum. I have read some topics and the believe me, it is diddicult to copy and paste every single post to google translate but I discovered very useful information on various topics, problems and solutions.
    As I allready have a KN filter on my moto, I have experimented with a lot of carb needles, big/small snorkels, rimfire etc I think now it is time to proceed with the manifold upgrade and remove these 3 catalysors.

    Current setup... Full Stock because it is time to pass the Greek inspection, "TUV" I think this is called in Germany.
    You seem to have found the solution to stock un-equal headers and I am interested in buying such a wonderfull exhaust system!

    As I said, I have read and translated every single post of the 28 pages, but there are some photos missing. Every photo uploaded to website: ***http://250kb.de......*** mostly by "KLEiner" for example is no longer availiable and I don't know If have missed any important information.

    So, some questions because google translate is not so accurate....

    1) what is the problem with the "Flame Rings"?

    2) Can someone post some photos with the manifold end his end can fitted?
    3) Does anybody sell such a manifold? Used of course, I missed the unused one by a few months...

    I know the thread is old, KLE is an old lady by know, I don't know if some forum members still ride the KLE, but I fuc...ing LOVE this motorcycle.Last but not least, I want to thank you everyone and especially " KLEiner" for what he did, and made this possible. Of course a very big thank you goes to IndiaRomeo  KLE-Freak  KLEiner  KLESchrauber and Darti for being active all this years and because google translated perfect their posts :)

    Hope to revive the passion!
    Best Regards

  • Hi Alpan
    OK, let me see if I can help you, I didn't read the whole thread again, but as far as I remember, there are some things to be aware of of you decide to mount the custom exhaust system.

    1. You probably mean the holders right at the exit of the engine block, they tend to break / rip off if you try to remove them (when dismounting the original exhaust system). So be careful, use creeping oil a couple of times and let it soak in (hours, days) before trying to remove those half-moon shaped brackets. If the bolts rip off, you may have to get a professional drilling the threads out and put a repair coil in like v-coil.

    2. Have no photos myself3. Still have mine here and did not install it. Have not decided yet if I want to install it or sell it. Will put a post up in that case.

    There are some other things to consider when changing to the custom exhaust:
    - Since the tubes are at an even length, the oil pressure sensor is in the way and has to be moved "around the corner" at the oil pan. This in turn requires you to make a correct thread (there is already a closed-off hole with thread, but the wrong kind, it won't take the oil sensor). We did this by buying used oil pans and get them professionally re-threaded. Still have two of them here.
    - The standard oil filter will be too high / sticks out too much for the new exhaust. There are shorter oil filters available, but you need to look for them, most likely they are meant to be put on another kind of MC but will still fit the KLE.

    - We did only produce the manifold but not the muffler / exhaust, so you have to fit the last part yourself with either the original exhaust or another one (I don't know how fuzzy the Greek car inspection is... ;wink; )What did you mean by removing the three catalysors? The KLE500 does not have any catalytic converters.

    There are a couple of good measures to make the KLE less thirsty and give a good reliability. This includes K&N filter (or DNA), adjusting the main nozzle, synchronizing the carburetors (important, you have to do this after the switch of the exhaust too!), better exhaust system, changing the spark plugs to Iridium types (I can very recommend that one for reliability). Then for the intake it is a bit of experimenting since not all KLEs are the same (differences by country and year, but only regarding the carburetor, the rest is the same except the plastic trim) so there is rimfire and snorkel change. But do this only if you really understand how a carburetor works and how to troubleshoot it, this can otherwise really burn your motor.Then there are modifications for the frame as well, mostly setting it higher up and make it a bit stiffer for offroad.

    Btw, Google can translate whole websites as well. In Google search, there is often a small link "Translate website".I don't know how many others of the forum speak English, but they might be able to help with some pictures too.

  • Basler, thank you for your information.
    First of all, I am well aware for the oil pan conversion, nice thing to mention it.
    About the catalysors.. I don't know for tye rest of the world, but here in Greece (btw car inspection not so tight :) )after the year 2005, Kle had 3 small catalysors in the exhaust system. 2 in the manifold, just before the "T" and 1 before the end can... I think they are called passive?!? Not sure.
    About the carb mods and settings, I can handle it, I have spend many hours of trial and error...
    The one and only thing I believe will make my day for the moment is the forum manifold!
    A out the end can, I am thinking of KTM ecx 250 ilencerr. Some friends of mine have found it In excellent condition and price of course via ebay.
    Thanks again for your info, If ever want to sell your manifold, I would be interested!
    Google can not translate this forum... Page by page. Needs everytime login and for some reason does not accept it.
    Best regards.
    Alpan from Greece!

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